Getting Started

Camtasia Relay, the server-based version of the industry-leading screencasting tool Camtasia Studio, is one of the most significant new instructional technology resources provided by the District to faculty and staff. This resource allows any faculty member or staff person at the District to easily create full-motion, high-quality accessible screen movies with voiceover from home or office. The movies can be deployed automatically to a variety of web-hosting destinations. Camtasia Relay makes providing captions for hearing-impaired students an integral part of the production process and can be used to caption existing video as well. Indeed, it is the District's preferred captioning tool. Relay boasts one of the best captionators available today and is provided to video creators at the District to help ensure that all instructional multimedia used at the District meets ADA requirements for accessibility as required by state law.

The service is available to any District employee at no charge to them. Just contact the server admin, Dave Giberson ( for access.

Here are a variety of screencast tutorials that will help you make use of Camtasia Relay and demonstrate its effectiveness as a teaching tool:

Basic Steps for Using Camtasia Relay:

  1. Login and Download Recorder to your local machine.
  2. Open Camtasia Relay Recorder and do a test recording to ensure audio and video are working.
  3. Choose a profile and record.
  4. Receive "A presentation has been held for caption editing" automated Camtasia Relay email.
  5. Login to Camtasia Relay to edit captions.
  6. Save and publish.
  7. Receive "Presentation Published" automated Camtasia Relay email with links to publish destination.
  8. Add link as a URL in Blackboard.


Feature Tutorials:

Techsmith's Camtasia Relay Tutorials Page: