Innovations 2011




Camtasia Beyond the Basics


Making the Most of a Multimedia Swiss-Army Knife


· Recording System Audio (Stereo Mix) and Going Wireless

· The Camtasia Captionator—Make all of your video accessible.

· Zoom & Pan—Make Your Screencasts Viewable on the Small Screen

· Making Your Screencasts Interactive—Force Students to Participate Actively

· Camtasia Quizzes—Find out if Your Students Got It.

· Digital Juice Animated Intros—Start Your Screencasts off With a Bang.

· Branching—Provide Alternate Paths Through Your Screencasts.


Find out anything else you need to know about Camtasia:

· Techsmith Camtasia Learning Center

· Camtasia Studio 7:  The Definitive Guide (e-book w/first 6 chapters free)